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Our Gig at Puppets Jazz in Brooklyn

Jessica Jones | 8:49 am | June 9, 2009

We are playing once or twice a month at Puppets, a cool small jazz venue in Park Slope, Brooklyn and it’s been gratifying and revealing to be playing regularly in the same spot. Maybe it’s today’s version of a week at the Vanguard…but due to inflation, each night is suspended between two to four week intervals. 

We are playing with the core group of myself on piano, Tony Jones on tenor, Candace Jones on vocals and are sometimes joined by wonderful drummers and bassists (Ken Filiano, Keith Witty, Levi Jones, on bass; James Windsor-Wells, Lou Grassi, Diego Voglino on drums) and other guests. A month or so ago guitarist Andy Fite joined us from Sweden! That was big fun. So we have been building our repertoire with Candace, and stretching the familiar songs a little outre which feels like what we’ve been trying to do with them all along. Often, Candace and I play a duet set, which is challenging for me. I spend most of my musical time thinking like a single-line saxophonist so its quite healthy for me to stretch my ears to more horizontal thinking. If you see what I mean. And Candace is dreamy to play with, her sense of pitch has spoiled me for other singers. Tony, of course, has his Own Thing and you have to hear it.

We are going to be integrating more of the original quartet pathways into the gig – maybe a set of vocals and a set of quartet (yay, I get to play saxophone again!) with guests. In July we will be bringing back our good friend and collaborator Mark Taylor on french horn and mellophone. I am very fond of the sound of the horn section of Mark, Tony and me. Three horns in the same range, slinking around, blending and then appearing on top of the fray…its like tenor clef sleight of hand.

I feel like this gig is a dream I had, and the kind I used to read about, where a band can develop themselves and people can witness it. And I can’t tell you what a blessing it is that I am having this experience with my family.

Maybe see you there: Puppets Jazz Bar

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