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Guilty pleasures: TV

Jessica Jones | 5:42 pm | April 19, 2009

It’s spring in NYC, and trees are blooming and the lovely seasonal aromas are wafting by as I ride my bike – the rosemary bread from the bakery, the fresh mown lawn at the cemetery – and the mix of animal hay and the smell of those weird pink popcorn candy bricks I remember chomping into as a kid hang in the air over by the Universoul Circus in Prospect Park. And the other bikers whiz by, and I try to stay ahead of the runners and the walkers, on that one hill…

So instead of continuing my surround-smell picture for you, I’m going to talk about my favorite TV shows, the ones I most commonly watch:

Seventh Heaven

The Waltons

Little House on the Prarie

I think those are because I like the innocence, and the family, and the dad who hangs around the house a lot….I really like those shows. Sorry!

Curb Appeal

Extreme Makeover, Home Edition (but it’s a little over the top for me usually)


Mission Organization

I enjoy seeing clean organized houses, and I particularly like seeing a space and then visualizing how it’s going to be, and then seeing that happen. It gives me hope, not just about my own entropy-magnet home, but that I can visualize things in a way that they aren’t yet, but that could come true, in the Real world.

Comedies (my alltime favorite category):

Reno 911

Arrested Development (they do still show a rerun now and then)

30 Rock

Adventures of New Christine

What’s on at home, so I watch it:

Law & Order (all the time! They need to make a Law & Order channel already. There are so many of them. Our favorite is CI)

Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olberman on MSNBC. Since the campaign.

King of Queens (but have seen every episode over 4 times)

Other stuff: The Closer, and for ‘comfort TV’, an episode of Matlock or PBS Mystery now and then.

You’ll be glad to know we have been eschewing the Idiot Box for a few hours each night to make room for Bud Powell and others to take the sonic stage since we got a real record player. Yes, records.

Here’s Bud for you to look at, if you don’t have a record to stare at:



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