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Confidence vs doubt?

Jessica Jones | 7:56 pm | March 29, 2009

I’m not even sure of the title of the post…

But anyway it seems that people respond to confidence, it makes them feel comfortable. They feel more secure when someone else is willing to take the reins (and reigns!). I can understand that. And confidence on stage is pretty charismatic. However, there is a real beauty to doubt. Like, just plain “I don’t know the right answer. The first choice could work, but I can see how the second choice might also work. Who am I to say?” That can be a richer, more intriguing experience, even for an audience. That’s been my experience.

However, as a teacher, middle school students REALLY don’t respond well to doubt! I mean, in terms of structure of the class and what to expect. So the mother in me has learned to create structure and an architecture to start with, but hopefully – both in playing and teaching – it is a flexible structure that allows all kinds of variations based on the creativity of the people utilizing it. Seeing a lot of possibilities simultaneously is a skill that people are needing right now, in This Economy and all. The creativity that allows for pivoting from anywhere to get anywhere else. It’s like the training was all in a straight line and now everyone is lost except the artists or creative people, who can turn on a dime, change direction, think of new ways to try things.

That’s what I’ve been thinking about. Doubt might be creativity.

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